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African Food Vegetable tufa (awara)

African Dish Vegetable tufa (awara)

African Food: Vegetable tufa (awara)

Vegetable tufa (awara) Ingredients

1 Soya beans.
2 Red oil.
3 Vinegar.
4 Red ball pepper.
5 Green pepper.
6 Onions.
7 Vegetable oil.
8 Seasoning.
9 Ginger.
10 Garlic.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Pick any dirty once inside it..
Step 2 Soak for 8 hours or over night..
Step 3 Peel and wash then grind it..
Step 4 Add small amount of palm oil mix it very well and seive it..
Step 5 Pour back the seive milk inside the pot and allow to boil..
Step 6 When its start boiling add small amount of vinegar inside and allow to keep boiling..
Step 7 When done you will notice it has separate from the water pour it inside a serving cloth and allow to remove excess water..
Step 8 Allow it to stay for like and hour..
Step 9 In a bowl add small amount of grinded pepper and onions with seasoning cubes..
Step 10 Cut your tufa into desired shapes and put it into the bowl of seasoning cubes and pepper, leave for some minutes..
Step 11 Put pot on fire add oil when hot start frying them..
Step 12 When done set aside..
Step 13 Add little oil in a pot add onions when it turns brown add ginger and garlic to it allow to fry for some minutes then add all your peppers and allow it to also fry..
Step 14 Add your seasoning cubes and finally your fried tufa..
Step 15 Mix every thing and allow to simmer for few minutes and it's done..
Step 16 Enjoy..
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