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African Dish Tofu/wara

West African Foods Tofu/wara

West African Foods: Tofu/wara

Tofu/wara Ingredients

1 Tofu/wara.
2 Oil.
3 Cabbage.
4 Onion.
5 Chilly.
6 Scotch bonnet.
7 Sesame.
8 Seasoning.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Firstly we fry our tofu/wara.
Step 2 Chop cabbage, onion, grate chilly and Scotch bonnet.
Step 3 Fry little oil in frying pan, add onion after few minute add your grate chilly and Scotch bonnet and stir add in your seasoning and add your tofu/wara and keep stirring until well incoperated add in your chopped cabbage and stir allow to cook for some minutes.
Step 4 Turn off d heat pour in plate and garnish with sesame serve hot….
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