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African Cuisine Abacha (African salad)

African Food Abacha (African salad)

African Food: Abacha (African salad)

Abacha (African salad) Ingredients

1 1 cup Abacha.
2 1/3 cup palm oil.
3 Ubga.
4 Medium size onion.
5 3 big scotch bonnet.
6 1/4 cup cray fish.
7 chopped garden egg leaves Handful.
8 1 tbsp grinded pepper.
9 2 medium size potash.
10 Peppered Kpomo or peppered fish.
11 1 teaspoon salt.
12 seasoning cubes 2.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 These are what you need when making abach.
Step 2 Soak your abacha and drain.
Step 3 Then in a different bowl, put in little amount of water, then add in potash,add palm oil and turn it. Till you see it foaming..
Step 4 Grind your crayfish, pepper, onion. Then add them to your palm oil mixture, add your seasoning.
Step 5 Then add your ugba then add your abacha, mix well. Add your peppered kpomo.
Step 6 Wash your chopped garden egg leave.
Step 7 Garnish with garden egg leave and onion.
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