tofuawara by maryumms cuisine recipe main photo

African Food TOFU/AWARA by maryumms_cuisine

African Food TOFU/AWARA by maryumms_cuisine

African Dish: TOFU/AWARA by maryumms_cuisine

TOFU/AWARA by maryumms_cuisine Ingredients

1 •fresh made Tofu.
2 •grated pepper.
3 •grated garlic.
4 •onion.
5 •vegetable oil.
6 •curry.
7 •Seasoning.
8 •lawashi/scalion.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Cuts your fresh made tofu into your desire shape,sprinkle a little seasoning on it,heat the oil and fry them bit by bit until golden brown,off the heat and keep it aside..
Step 2 FOR THE SAUCE, in a pan add a little oil,cuts onion,garlic,pepper,curry,seasoning,and your lawashi fry it for like 5minutes and keep aside..
Step 3 I served my own with sauce and yaji🤤.
Step 4 And this is how it looked,enjoy😍😍😍.
Step 5 .
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