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Traditional African Foods Soya beans cake (awara)

West African Foods Soya beans cake (awara)

West African Foods: Soya beans cake (awara)

Soya beans cake (awara) Ingredients

1 Soya beans.
2 eggs.
3 spoon.
4 Little of white Maggi(ajino moto).
5 Dantsami or the water that we use to put in top of our akamo.
6 Small kanwa ungurnu.
7 Cabbage,cocomber, and onio.
8 Veg.oil.
9 Grand pepper.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash your soya beans remove all the dity that is in it than,put it in a bucket and bring small kanwa ungurnu that is his name in hausa then take it to the granding machine.
Step 2 After granding your soya beans bring your clean pot didn't use small pot use a large pot because to make it balance use your clean rapa to remove all the water in that grandsoyabeans,u will see it ask you will make a milk than take that and put it on fire.
Step 3 Then bring out your Dan tsami or that your water that u remove from your akamu,u know that if you make your akamu we use to put water on top of it,ok a mean that water not d akamu but if you are using that Dan tsami they use to sell it in a shop it look like sugar but it test bitter like 🍋 lemon put it in a bowl and put water on it put it a side.
Step 4 Then come back to your pot open it when the milk is bowling then bring your step three that is your akamu water or Dan tsami water be dropping it in side that milk u will be see that it will be turning into a Doug the water will be separate and the doug will be separate to that means it is done.
Step 5 Then bring your kwalander the one that we use in washing our spaghetti use it put your doug inside and live it till the water from it drop down.
Step 6 Then bring your tire put it on it use your knife to cut it in any shape u want then bring your salt and ajino motor put it in a bowl and put small water then bring that your cake beans and put it inside live it for 10 min then remove it.
Step 7 Then put your veg.oil in your fry pan when the oil is hot bring your egg put it in a bowl put your soya beans cake inside that egg then put in the oil on till it turn it color into brown.
Step 8 Bring your cabbage, cocomber and Onion cut it into small size.
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