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West African Foods Semi fried Tofu ll +Vegetable oil sauce

African Dish Semi fried Tofu ll +Vegetable oil sauce

West African Foods: Semi fried Tofu ll +Vegetable oil sauce

Semi fried Tofu ll +Vegetable oil sauce Ingredients

1 Soya beans, alum or fermented pap water, peppers and onions.
2 Enough Veg. Oil for Deep frying of tofu and sauce.
3 Spices and maggie seasonings,then garlic.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Use instruction one and two on how to make tofu,stated on my palm oil sauce tofu..
Step 2 Sauce making:-I makesure i seedless scotch bonnet,peel dry part of onion and finely sliced.Chopp garlic and fried in oil with both sliced ingredients, spices and seasonings. Semi_fry sauce and serve with tofu..
Step 3 N/B:-I prefer semi-fried tofu with veg oil sauce and very fried tofu with palm oil sauce. As seen in both images..
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