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West African Foods Bitterleaf soup

African Food Bitterleaf soup

African Food: Bitterleaf soup

Bitterleaf soup Ingredients

1 Bitterleaf.
2 Palm fruit/ Banga.
3 Ogiri.
4 Cocoyam.
5 Uziza seed.
6 Beef.
7 Shaki/cow stripes.
8 Cow intestines.
9 Stock fish.
10 Dry fish.
11 Dry pepper.
12 Seasoning.
13 Grounded crayfish.
14 Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Season your meat with salt, season cubes and pepper and cook till tender. Then add your stock fish and dry fish. Cook for another 5mins..
Step 2 Wash your palm fruits and Cocoyam. Set on fire and leave to cook till tender.
Step 3 Pound your palm fruits. Add some and sieve to get the juice..
Step 4 Then use your hand the peel off the back of the Cocoyam and pound together with your uziza seed..
Step 5 Set your palm fruit juice on fire. Leave to simmer for about 20mins. Then add your precooked meat with your stock fish and dry fish. Then immediately add your ogiri and bring to boil..
Step 6 Cut your Cocoyam into lumps and add to the soup and cover for the Cocoyam to dissolve..
Step 7 Now add your Bitterleaf and stir together. Then add your grounded crayfish, stir together and your soup is ready.
Step 8 Enjoy your soup with any swallow of your choice. For me the best sallow for this soup is Akpu/fufu 😂😂😋😋😋.
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