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Traditional African Foods Soya beans cake(awara)

African Cuisine Soya beans cake(awara)

African Food: Soya beans cake(awara)

Soya beans cake(awara) Ingredients

1 Soya beans.
2 Pepper.
3 Onions.
4 Ground oil for frying.
5 Cabbage.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak the raw soya beans for two hours and then grind. After grinding you sieve and pour it into a pot, when it boil you should add little alum or water sieved out from raw pap (Akamu), then boil for at least 1hour30 minutes. Put down the pot and pour the boiled liquid into a net or a scarf to drain the water..
Step 2 Before draining the water add you grinded pepper and onions in the scarf, then squeeze the water very well, drop a block (cement block) or stone on it in order to get a square or rectangular shape, cut in your own preferred sizes and fry with groundnut oil. Serve with Yaji (grinded dry pepper) or salt or stew with coleslaw..
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