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African Dish Efere Ibaba Soup

African Food Efere Ibaba Soup

African Dish: Efere Ibaba Soup

Efere Ibaba Soup Ingredients

1 Goat Meat.
2 Stockfish.
3 Smoked fish.
4 Snail.
5 Palm oil or fresh palm fruits extract (banga).
6 Salt.
7 Dry pepper.
8 Fresh pepper.
9 Uziza.
10 Smoked red prawns.
11 Ibaba seeds (thickner).
12 Uyayak.
13 Seasoning.
14 Ground crayfish.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Season and boil your meat till tender. When it almost cooks through, add dry pepper, stockfish, smoked fish, smoked prawns and the Uyayak, to infuse flavour into the stock..
Step 2 Add your palm oil, allow to cook properly in the stock. Taste to be sure you are happy with it. Add ibaba powder and stir in(I usually mix some crayfish to it) this helps it not to form lumps..
Step 3 With the soup thickened to your preference, add some extra ground crayfish, lower the heat to allow the flavours to develop. Once you are happy with it, add in some chopped uziza,Remember to take out the Uyayak, before serving, and that's your Efere Ibaba. Very simple to prepare..
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