spicy tofu and beef 2 recipe main photo

West African Foods Spicy Tofu and Beef 2

Traditional African Foods Spicy Tofu and Beef 2

African Cuisine: Spicy Tofu and Beef 2

Spicy Tofu and Beef 2 Ingredients

1 hard tofu.
2 minced beef.
3 spring onion.
4 leek.
5 garlic.
6 ginger.
7 Chinese chicken paste or chicken cube.
8 white pepper.
9 Japanese pepper(Sansho pepper).
10 salt.
11 water+2 teaspoon starch.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Cut tofu and vegetables..
Step 2 Fry garlic and ginger with vegetable oil. Then add beef and spring onion..
Step 3 Add tofu and seasonings. Put starch water and cook well and salt to taste..
Step 4 Put leek..
Step 5 Sprinkle chili oil. Enjoy ❣️.
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