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Traditional African Foods Sweet, Spicy, Rich Tofu Steaks

Traditional African Foods Sweet, Spicy, Rich Tofu Steaks

West African Foods: Sweet, Spicy, Rich Tofu Steaks

Sweet, Spicy, Rich Tofu Steaks Ingredients

1 Firm tofu.
2 Leek (the white part).
3 for coating the tofu Katakuriko.
4 Vegetable oil.
5 1 serving of All-Purpose Sweet and Spicy Sauce (Recipe ID: 701600) prepared with the ★ ingredients below.
6 each ★ Sugar, soy sauce, mirin, sake.
7 ★ Doubanjiang.
8 heaping tablespoon Mayonnaise.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wrap the tofu in kitchen paper towels, place on a heatproof place and microwave at 600 W for 4 minutes, and let cool completely..
Step 2 Cut the tofu into easy to eat pieces and coat each piece in katakuriko. As you coat the pieces, put in a frying pan with a generous amount of oil on the bottom one by one..
Step 3 Pan fry the tofu over high-medium heat until golden brown on both sides. After all the tofu pieces are fried, push to to one side of the pan and add the ★ ingredients as well as the mayonnaise, to the empty space in the pan..
Step 4 Mix well so that the sauce ingredients blend together. Add the chopped leek, and simmer over medium heat until the tofu have browned and are shiny. You're all done..
Step 5 Variation: Delicious used as a topping for a rice bowl, topped with a soft-cooked egg. The rice bowl in the photo was made by Cookpad user "Hapi-Mari"..
Step 6 Warning: If you use low-fat mayonnaise, it won't blend easily with the sauce!.
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