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African Dish Ogbono/okro soup

West African Foods Ogbono/okro soup

African Dish: Ogbono/okro soup

Ogbono/okro soup Ingredients

1 Ogbono.
2 Okro.
3 Maggie.
4 Stockfish.
5 Cray fish.
6 Kbomo.
7 locust beans.
8 Red oil.
9 Red pepper.
10 Onions.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Grind red pepper and onions then stir fry using red oil add in water, stock fish,kbomo,cray fish,Maggie and slat then allow to cook.
Step 2 Once done remove the kbomo and fish.
Step 3 Put little water in the kbomo to make a smooth paste then add to the pot.
Step 4 Put back the fish and kpomo add in the okro and allow to cook for 5mins.
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