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Tasty Food Melon mujito Nigerian Food

So Yummy Melon mujito definitely is one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. Its not hard to make Melon mujito. Served icy cold, this refreshing mojito cocktail is perfect on a hot day! In addition to this delicious Blueberry Coconut Mojito, I've also made a Melon and Mint Mojito that is. Produced by Seoro Executive Produced by Aftermoon music Entertainment.

Melon mujito

So Tasty Melon mujito Nigerian Dish

Make a pitcher to serve at your next party! Wouldn't you know, there's no booze in these triangular melon bites. But with fresh mint and a sweetened lime dressing, they sure do taste like mojitos. You can easily cook Melon mujito in 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do that.


1 Approximately 1 of whole melon.
2 It’s 1 of hand full mint leaves.
3 Take 1 cup of lime juice.
4 Approximately 2 pcs (50 cl) of bottle sprite.
5 Take 1 cup of sugar(less sugar if u wish).
6 It’s cubes of Ice.

Water Melon Mojito, a very quick and easy thirst quencher on a hot summer day. Water Melon Mojito, a very quick and easy thirst. Si quieres ver esta receta y muchas más visita nuestra página Fresh fruit, mint, rum, simple syrup, and ice makes this the PERFECT summer drink.

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and cut d melon from d top(to serve as a melon cover) and keep d cover aside.
Step 2 Scoop d melon flesh gently, without damaging d melon bowl.
Step 3 In a blender add d melon flesh,mint leaves,sugar blend and sieve well..
Step 4 Add lemon juice,add sprite stir well pour in to d melon bowl add ice cubes, add d mujito,garnish wt some melon and mint and serve chilled..

For a sweet and refreshing twist on a classic drink, make this easy watermelon mojito recipe—a perfect summer porch sipper. Photo about A mojito in their version of melon, one of the world taken cocktails. This delicious watermelon mojito mocktail will have you going back for seconds. El auténtico Mojito Melón: un melón, un poquito de hielo, hierbabuena, azucar moreno y mucho mucho ron!!! Best mojito recipe that's made with a blender inside a watermelon.