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Traditional African Foods Bitterleaf Ogbono soup

West African Foods Bitterleaf Ogbono soup

West African Foods: Bitterleaf Ogbono soup

Bitterleaf Ogbono soup Ingredients

1 Bitterleaf.
2 Assorted meat.
3 Dryfish.
4 Ogili Okpei (Nsuka).
5 Ogbono.
6 Crayfish.
7 Seasonings (salt etc).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash ur bitter leaves to reduce d bitter taste to d barest. If not OK wit d already bought market own u can place it in pot add water nd salt nd boil for 5- 10mins nd it sure will be good. Drain into a sieve nd allow to drain.
Step 2 Now in ur empty pot add ur washed meat nd dry fish nd water nd boil. Wen it starts boiling add your onion nd seasoning. Leave till meat cooks for 5-10mins.
Step 3 Add palm oil, nd den Ogbono, ogili nd crayfish do not stir allow to boil well before u start turning to avoid d Ogbono blocking..
Step 4 Stir an wen d Ogbono nd crayfish is dissolved add another onion nd seasonings allow to boil for 2-3 mins.
Step 5 Now add ur bitter leaf, taste nd add salt nd cover allow to cook abit nd off..
Step 6 Can be served wit poundo, akpu as above, garri, agidi nd oda swallow. Enjoy.
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