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Traditional African Foods Okra n ogbono soup

West African Foods Okra n ogbono soup

West African Foods: Okra n ogbono soup

Okra n ogbono soup Ingredients

1 Fresh okra, grounded ogbono.
2 Cray fish, stock fish, seasoning cubes, salt.
3 P/oil, meat spices, daddawa.
4 Kayan miya with out tomatoes.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Cook ur meat with the blended kayan miya, spices, p/oil, cray fish n stock fish add seasoning cubes and salt to taste and daddawa.
Step 2 When the meat is done add a little water if its not enough 4 the soup, add your ogbono stir and allow 2 cook for 2 minutes, add your grated okra and allow to cook for few minutes.
Step 3 Enjoy with any swallow……
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