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African Dish Okpehe okro

West African Foods Okpehe okro

Traditional African Foods: Okpehe okro

Okpehe okro Ingredients

1 okro(chopped).
2 ogbono.
3 palm oil.
4 maggi.
5 crayfish.
6 onion bulb(chopped).
7 ground pepper.
8 cameroon pepper.
9 pumpkin(sliced).
10 kilo goat meat.
11 salt.
12 okpehe(locust beans).

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash meat very well with salt,get a clean pot then put inside,add salt and maggi add little water allow to boil for 15min.
Step 2 Add pepper onion and crayfish allow to boil for 2 min then add the locust bean allow to boil..
Step 3 Pour ogbono in a plate then add palm oil and stir pour add to the pot allow to boil for 2 min.
Step 4 Add okro and stir immediately add pumpkin leaf turn off heat..
Step 5 So so delicious,i cannot imagine.Can be eaten with semo eba etc..
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