eba egusi soup🌶🥣🍽 recipe main photo

African Dish Eba & egusi soup🌶🥣🍽

African Food Eba & egusi soup🌶🥣🍽

Traditional African Foods: Eba & egusi soup🌶🥣🍽

Eba & egusi soup🌶🥣🍽 Ingredients

1 For the soup.
2 tomato.
3 scotch pepper.
4 red bell peppers.
5 onion.
6 garlic.
7 ginger.
8 Egusi powder.
9 Palm oil.
10 maggi, 1 onga.
11 Salt.
12 Smoked fish. Spinach.
13 For the eba.
14 Garri.
15 Hot water.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 First you start by blending the tomato, red bell pepper, scotch pepper & onion add them into a pot on heat add the palm oil fry for a couple of minutes then add in water allow to boil then add in the salt, maggi, onga & fish. Cook well then peel & crush the garlic & ginger & add into the soup..
Step 2 When it start thickening add in the egusi cook for 5 mins then add in the chopped spinach cook for another 5 mins & ur good to go..
Step 3 For the eba you boil water not too much then off the heat & add in the garri while stirring until its thicken then you scoop out your eba & serve..enjoy happy eating😋.
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