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African Dish My Oshuprapra Noodles special

African Dish My Oshuprapra Noodles special

Traditional African Foods: My Oshuprapra Noodles special

My Oshuprapra Noodles special Ingredients

1 120 g noodles.
2 10 g noodles spice.
3 4 African pears.
4 2 tblspns fried groundnut.
5 1 egg.
6 1 small ice fish.
7 2 small carrot.
8 3 bell habanero pepper.
9 1 bell green pepper.
10 1 strand lemon grass.
11 1 spring onion.
12 1 teaspn black pepper.
13 3 seeds African nutmeg.
14 4 small pieces of pomo.
15 1 stock cube.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Arrange all ingredients required for cooking in a clean dish to avoid running around in the kitchen..
Step 2 Wash fish and pomo thoroughly, pour into a pot add washed pears, stock cube, red pepper, black pepper, African nutmeg chopped lemon grass and allow to cook till its well cooked then set aside..
Step 3 Boil egg separately, drop in cold water for few minutes,remove shell and set aside..
Step 4 Parboil noodles for 5 minutes while doing that scrap, wash and cut carrot, spring onion and green perpper into desired shape and set aside..
Step 5 When noodles is parboiled pour it into the mixture of fish, pomo and pears..
Step 6 Add spring onion, carrot, green pepper, egg and groundnut mix evenly allow to boil for 2 minutes and drop the pot..
Step 7 Serve in a clean plate..
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