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African Food Delicious semo & egusi

West African Foods Delicious semo & egusi

African Food: Delicious semo & egusi

Delicious semo & egusi Ingredients

1 semo.
2 Blended egusi and cray fish.
3 Pomo/fish/meat.
4 pepper, onion,locusts bean.
5 Palm oil.
6 spices.
7 ugu.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a pot of hot water add your chopped onion and locusts bean (dawa dawa) together with your pomo,meat allow it to boil for some minutes..
Step 2 Then add your pepper and Palm oil and spices then add your egusi and cray fish paste allow to cook for some minutes,then spread your ugu leaves allow for some minutes then serve.
Step 3 Next in a pot of boil water make a paste of semo allow to cook for 10 minute then serve😊.
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