ᴹᴬᴺᴳᴼᴹᴱᴸᴼᴺ ᴸᴬˢˢᴵ recipe main photo 1

African Dish ᴹᴬᴺᴳᴼ+ᴹᴱᴸᴼᴺ ᴸᴬˢˢᴵ

Traditional African Foods ᴹᴬᴺᴳᴼ+ᴹᴱᴸᴼᴺ ᴸᴬˢˢᴵ

West African Foods: ᴹᴬᴺᴳᴼ+ᴹᴱᴸᴼᴺ ᴸᴬˢˢᴵ

ᴹᴬᴺᴳᴼ+ᴹᴱᴸᴼᴺ ᴸᴬˢˢᴵ Ingredients

1 medium Mango.
2 melon.
3 plain yogurt.
4 golden syrup.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Peel and wash melon and mango.
Step 2 In a clean cup or bowl, add in chopped mango.
Step 3 Sliced melon.
Step 4 Blend until finely smooth.
Step 5 Pour in yogurt.
Step 6 Finally syrup or better still (sugar or honey).
Step 7 Blend again.
Step 8 And voila.
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