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African Food Egusi and tuwo

West African Foods Egusi and tuwo

African Food: Egusi and tuwo

Egusi and tuwo Ingredients

1 Egusi.
2 Crayfish.
3 Stock fish.
4 Dry fish.
5 Meat.
6 Maggi.
7 Maggi.
8 Palm oil.
9 Salt.
10 Onion.
11 Onion.
12 Onga.
13 Curry.
14 Ogu.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Cook your meat and onion till your meat is done.
Step 2 Boil ur dry fish, and stock fish for 5 minutes.
Step 3 Fry your meat, stock fish, and dry fish and water, Maggi,onga and curry..
Step 4 Fry egusi with palm oil for 5 minute.
Step 5 Put your fried egusi together with the above soup cook them together for some minutes.
Step 6 Save with your tuwo.
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