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African Food African beef stew

West African Foods African beef stew

African Cuisine: African beef stew

African beef stew Ingredients

1 1/2 kg beef.
2 Mixed vegetables. Potatoes, courgettes, onions, tomatoes,.
3 Assorted bell peppers. Can do as many vegetables as you want.
4 2 pcs carrots.
5 2 tbsps grated garlic n ginger.
6 to taste Salt.
7 1 tbs cooking oil.
8 Fresh chillies (optional).

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Bring your beef to boil..
Step 2 Clean all your vegetables and chop them accordingly..
Step 3 In a sufuria add cooking oil n heat abit..
Step 4 Add onions n brown them..
Step 5 Add garlic, ginger,salt n mix..
Step 6 Add some chopped tomatoes. Can do some tomato paste as well..
Step 7 Add your beef n mix well..
Step 8 Add potatoes n let them cook. No over cooking of potatoes..
Step 9 Add some little water then reduce the heat..
Step 10 When almost ready, add carrots. Cook for 10 mins then add other vegetables like courgettes n bell peppers..
Step 11 Mix well then put off the heat. Cover the sufuria for 5 mins..
Step 12 Serve when ready with any accompaniments. Mine was just beef..
Step 13 Enjoy please..
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