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African Dish Egusi with bitter leaf

Traditional African Foods Egusi with bitter leaf

African Dish: Egusi with bitter leaf

Egusi with bitter leaf Ingredients

1 Ground Egusi.
2 Stock fish.
3 Beef.
4 Kpomo.
5 Dry fish.
6 Bitter.
7 Palm oil.
8 Crayfish.
9 Pepper.
10 Salt.
11 Seasoning.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and Steam meat and looming with seasoning cube, salt and pepper.
Step 2 Wash and Steam stockfish, dry fish seasoning cube, salt and pepper..
Step 3 In a pot, heat up the palm oil.
Step 4 Add the egusi and fry for some minutes..
Step 5 Pour in the stock (meat and fish).
Step 6 Add crayfish.
Step 7 Taste for salt, pepper and seasoning.
Step 8 Add water and allow boil till ready.
Step 9 Add the bitter leaf and allow boil for a minute and then bring down..
Step 10 Soup is ready to serve.
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