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Traditional African Foods Egusi Ijebu

Traditional African Foods Egusi Ijebu

African Food: Egusi Ijebu

Egusi Ijebu Ingredients

1 tossed melon.
2 beef.
3 shredded stock fish.
4 large dry fish.
5 palm oil.
6 bulb of onion.
7 crayfish.
8 Habanero pepper.
9 iru.
10 stock cube.
11 Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Season your meat with salt, stock and onion then boil till tender, add stock fish half way boiling.
Step 2 While the meat is cooking, put the melon and pepper in a blender, add water and blend to a smooth paste..
Step 3 Top the meat in the pot with two litres of water then allow to boil.
Step 4 Next add palm oil and the blended melon, then cook for ten minutes, at this point add the dry fish then cook till it starts to thicken.
Step 5 Then add the crayfish, iru and the remaining stock cube..
Step 6 Taste and adjust with salt then allow to thicken to your desired consistency then put off the heat.
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