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So Yummy Couscous with egusi soup Nigerian Food

Tasty Food Couscous with egusi soup certainly is one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. I always use this special recipe to serve Couscous with egusi soup. Egusi Soup – If you love Egusi Soup get in here! There are so many ways of making Egusi and this is my new favourite, it is rich, it is delicious and you. Egusi soup is unarguably the most popular Nigerian soup.

Couscous with egusi soup

Delicious Food Couscous with egusi soup Nigerian Dish

Egusi soup or melon soup is made from the dry seeds of the melon plant closely related to squash. Serve this on rice, with couscous or dip your bread in this stew. Egusi seeds is main ingredients for melon soup. You can simply prepare Couscous with egusi soup in 9 ingredients and only 1 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 Prepare of Spinach.
2 Approximately of Egusi.
3 Approximately of Meat.
4 It’s of Fish.
5 Approximately of Red pepper.
6 Approximately of Vegetable oil.
7 It’s of Spices.
8 About of Salt.
9 Approximately of Cubes.

Large quantity of very rich cooking oil are also extracted from this yet another nutritious. Egusi Soup is a soup made with a white kind of pumpkin seeds (obtainable from African stores or Egusi Soup is a Nigerian classic enjoyed in various forms across the country. Here is what egusi looks like: Egusi is basically white pumpkin seeds though some people prefer to call it.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Fry onion with pepper then put the egusi and fry for some minutes put water add cooked meat, fish cubes and salt then cut the spinach and put it, put the spices and cover it for few minutes serve with white couscous..

Egusi soup is a popular West African soup. Egusi soup is an exotic hearty food that will satisfy your taste buds. It is a staple in most West African home and it is an uncomplicated one pot meal that is often accompanied with swallows like Eba, Amala, Semovita, Pounded yam, Fufu, and the likes. Nigerian Egusi Soup is a soup thickened with ground melon seeds and contains leafy and other vegetables. Quick, easy and healthier Egusi soup, made with lots of spinach.